Calf rearing is still a serious issue for dairy and beef farms. Quite often calves are kept in old or temporary self-made barns with seriously bad living and housing conditions. As a consequence the major part of the animals is suffering from respiratory diseases. Our SMARTCALFTUBES offer an efficient and effective solution ...


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Summertime heat stress in dairy herds is a big, but often underestimated problem. Negative effects of heat stress are i.a. reduced milk and reproduction performance and higher rates of clinical mastitis. It is possible to reduce heat stress with air movement. SMARTCOWTUBES achieves high air change rates efficiently.

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Bad air quality and heat stress are two major problems in pig breeding. While the latter mostly occurs in the hotter period of the year from May to September, bad air quality is a serious problem all of the year. Our SMATRPIGTUBES offer an efficient and effective solution ...


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Housings for poultry farming used in Europe offer a high technical standard. Nevertheless, heat stress is one of the most common reasons for performance reduction and total animal losses. Our SMATRPOULTRYTUBES offer an efficient and effective solution ...

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In January 2015 our range of products was expanded to SMARTRABBITTUBES in Switzerland. Ueli Koller, farmer and owner of some hundreds of rabbits, called for help and mounted two ventilation tubes in his rabbit hutch. The success is obvious and measureabl...

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Indoor housing is still the predominant way of keeping horses. Due to the most of the time relatively closed barn geometries the animals are exposed to a high concentration of noxious gases, respirable dusts and bioaerosols like bacteria, mould or viruses. Our SMARTHORSETUBES offer an efficient and effective solution ...

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NEW: VETSMARTTUBES film project 2016 - Part 6!

The sixth part of our big film project 2016 was shot at the Drilling farm in Germany. It tells about a barn which was built in the 1980’s. Due to the old geometry of the barn, the air conditions were not quite ideal, especially in the warm summer months.

The consequences: Heat stress and a lower milk yield
The solution: Our VETSMARTTUBES tube ventilation system

Watch the video and listen to Berthold Drilling when he talks about the reactions of his cows and how the barn environment has improved ever since the tube ventilation system was installed.

English translations of the videos are coming soon.


Individual Ventilation Systems For Barns

Motivation for VETSMARTTUBES is human responsibility towards animals. In our society not all animals do have the opportunity to live in the wild, but we have the opportunity to create husbandry conditions which are close to nature's.

Besides feeding husbandry is an important part of modern farming of animals. Ventilation systems are an important issue in husbandry. We would like to introduce a new ventilation concept to you!

Fresh air in our barns with VETSMARTTUBES!


References and realized projects

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