About us

VETSMARTTUBES Individual Ventilation systems for barns

VETSMARTTUBES is a young innovative company planning a ventilation system for your barn.
Starting point was a collaborative trip to USA. There we have had a look at progressive methods of ventilation in barns. This had a major impact on our vision! We refined the concept; individual customized it for calves, dairy cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and horses and adjusted it to European standards.

In category „products“ we further present our ventilation system. Here you can find information about our concept for you and your farm.
Fresh air in our stalls with VETSMARTTUBES!


  • Dipl.-Ing. Jakob Neumayer
    Chief Executive Officer, Customer Service Austria
  • Dr. Michael Neumayer
    Customer Service Austria
  • Ingo Kielwein
    Customer Service Switzerland
  • Dr. Jenny John
    Customer Service Germany
  • Dr. Andrea Rütz
    Customer Service Germany
  • Dr. Wolfgang Hasseler
    Customer Service Germany, Netherlands
  • Dr. Uwe Reinicke
    Customer Service Germany
  • Dr. Stefan Mösenfechtel
    Customer Service Germany
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