What we do and how we proceed

Vetsmarttubes sells not only a product but a whole ventilation concept. It is individually designed for each barn, no matter if it is an old or a new barn.

It is this individual solution and conception that distinguishes VETSMARTTUBES from other ventilation products offered for farms.


  1. Contact: Please get in touch with one of our licensed veterinarians from our list via email or phone.
  2. Arrange an appointment for an on-site visit. In case it is not possible to send one of our specialists, you can also send us a detailed description of your facilities and representative photos.
  3. Estimation of costs: After that, we calculate each system individually for each barn including fan and tube size and diameter. Additionaly, we offer you the necessary protective weather hoods and all the materials you need for mounting the tube. As all barns are different, the prices for all systems are individual. We will send you an estimation of costs after the individual consultancy and calculation.
  4. Order: To order the TUBE, you need to accept our offer and arrange the payment.
  5. After receiving the payment, we will send you the TUBES including detailed assembly instructions.
  6. After the TUBE started working, we can arrange a second meeting to check the correct ventilation and improvement of the climate. In case it is not possible to send one of our specialists, we can instruct your local veterinarian for the checking processes.
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