Animal welfare award for our client Johann Schwimmer from Bavaria

For an innovative overall concept which aims to improve the welfare of his calves, our customer Johann Schwimmer from Bavaria received the Bavarian animal welfare award 2018. Specifically, he received the prize for his healthy calf concept barn, which was planned in cooperation with VETSMARTTUBES and offers the calves plenty of space and light. The heart of this barn concept are our SMARTCALFTUBES®, which provide the calves with fresh air twenty-four seven – of course completely free of draught!

Other key features of the healthy calf concept barn:

  • Generous space in the calf boxes and removable partitions
  • Roof pitch adapted to the position of the sun
  • Curtains over the entire side opening

The essential elements of this concept are light, air and space. The healthy calf concept barn thus offers the animals optimal living conditions, and as a result the animals’ health can be sustained on a very high level.

Are you also interested in a healthy calf concept barn for improving animal welfare?
We are happy to help!

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