Effective cooling in the entire cow barn

On the Austrian dairy farm of Anita and Christian Viertlmayer, the cows enjoy the cooling fresh air in all areas of the barn: the feeding places, the cubicles, and even the milking parlour. Due to strong limitations as to where to place the system, the project turned out to be quite tricky – but not impossible for VETSMARTTUBES.

Prior to the installation of SMARTCOWTUBES, family Viertlmayer had conventional fans in the milking parlour, but they didn’t lead to the desired success. The flies – a persistent problem during milking – were only partly driven away, and family Viertlmayer suffered from tensions in the shoulders and problems with the sinuses. These problems belong to the past since the installation of our SMARTCOWTUBES.


“We and our cows enjoy the pleasantly cool and fresh air from outside in our barn. Even on very hot days we can observe a high feed intake. Thanks to this cooling system, our cows don’t suffer from heat stress anymore. During milking, we all enjoy the fresh air without draught on the milker. At the same time, the flies are kept away from the cows due to the specific airflow. This makes milking easier for all of us. We are convinced that it is the best cooling system for our cows.” (Anita and Christian Viertlmayer, farm managers)

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