Film project part 10: Species-appropriate husbandry in stanchion barns thanks to SMARTCOWTUBES


The VETSMARTTUBES® film project is growing further. Our most recent recordings show a farm in Switzerland, where 22 cows are held in a stanchion barn. Despite several renovations, the climate in the barn was anything but ideal, and the cows suffered from the heat even in the morning. This changed when Melchior Koster decided to install SMARTCOWTUBES. The tube sucks in the cool air from the north side and brings it to every single cow in the exact right quantity and exactly where the cows need it.

Such a precise cooling is only possible thanks to our unique calculation method with 3D barn climate simulation. The accurate calculation of the air flow allows the systems to be mounted also in barns with a very low ceiling. All this is only possible with VETSMARTTUBES®.


Key advantages

  • Cooling in the summer – fresh air in the winter
  • Different ventilation intensities for head and back
  • Tailored system for every lying spot
  • Automatic climate control for operation on colder days

When animals can’t leave the barn, we make sure they still can enjoy species-appropriate husbandry conditions by providing them with fresh air.

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