Film project part 11: Effective cubicle cooling for cows in Switzerland


The free stall barn of family Wallimann, constructed in 2014, perfectly shows that even new, modern barns can have their pitfalls. In theory, everything was considered to offer the animals an adequate home. But in practice, the cows suffered from the insufficient air movement in the barn. The consequences were heat stress, group formations and a reduced milk yield.

Since the installation of SMARTCOWTUBES, these problems belong to the past. During this year’s heat waves, the milk yield remained stable and the cows were visibly comfortable.

Michael Wallimann had an exemplary attitude when he chose to purchase the VETSMARTTUBES® ventilation system:


“If it’s good for the cows, I’ll do it”


He is also aware of the fact that his investment pays itself off in a short time due to the higher milk yield in the summer.


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