SMARTCALFTUBES for healthy calves in Tyrol, Austria


Anton Luxner’s barn high on the western slope of the Zillertal valley truly is a treasure. It is conceived in a way that makes work very easy. Mr. Luxner’s calves are not only granted a marvellous view over the valley, but also the fresh air that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

To bring the fresh air into the barn without the risk of draught, Mr. Luxner installed SMARTCALFTUBES at the end of last year. The system was planned together with our partner Bräuer Stalltechnik, and it consists of 2 tubes which permanently deliver fresh outside air to the calves. This results in a better barn climate and a more pleasant environment for the animals and the farmers. Through the air supply duct made of wooden panels, the air gets to the fan and into the tube.

Anton Luxner, who places great value on his animals’ well-being, is happy with the system; the calves are healthy and vital.

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