Individual ventilation systems for calf rearing

Calf rearing is still a serious issue for dairy and beef farms. While old and provisional barns used to offer very bad conditions, calf hutches substantially improved the housing situations.

Hutches are an isolated, germ-reduced environment for calves, where deep straw bedding and good feeding management make for high weight gains despite severe variation of ambient temperatures. However, the quality of the animal care decreases rapidly with an increasing quantity of calves, since rough weather conditions diminish the staff's ability and readiness to maintain the standard.

That’s why we work on new calf housing concepts.

The calves are relocated into partially closed barns, where in spite of a ridge vent the fresh air is supplied through the side walls, but mainly by positive pressure ventilation – the SMARTCALFTUBES. The products of VETSMARTTUBES GmbH are customizable for both old and newly constructed barns, as every system is adapted to the specific barn geometry and its individual requirements and conditions.


Our product, the SMARTCALFTUBES, is a fan connected with a suitable air duct, the tube. The fan is particularly chosen regarding to the calculated air volume necessary for the stable and the tube is designed according to the respective dimensional requirements. The fresh air sucked through the side wall by the fan is evenly distributed throughout the barn via the tube, which represents difference between conventional ventilation systems and SMARTCALFTUBES. The draft-less supply of fresh air is ensured by the innovative distribution and size of the vent holes of the tube which are individually and calculated based on the specific requirements of the barn. Dust, germ concentration and harmful gases are reduced in a fast and effective manner, that results in significant improvement of animal health.

Calf barn weather is one essential factor in successful calf rearing in combination with various other key points. Please download our check list for calf health here.

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