Individual ventilation systems for dairy barns

Summertime heat stress in dairy herds is a big, but often underestimated problem. Negative effects of heat stress are i.a. reduced milk and reproduction performance and higher rates of clinical mastitis.

It is possible to reduce heat stress with air movement.SMARTCOWTUBES achieves high air change rates efficiently. SMARTCOWTUBES are located in waiting zones in the parlor, over bedding and /or feeding area. The benefit is providing animals with fresh air direct to the feed bunk, walking and bedding areas and in and around the parlor(waiting zones before and after the parlor). On the other hand smaller amount of fans used to reduce energy costs.

Photo: The Dairyland Initiative

Our product, the SMARTCOWTUBE, is a fan connected with a suitable air duct, the tube. The fan size and type is chosen according to the necessary air volume in the barn, and the tube is designed according to the respective dimensional requirements. Thanks to the tube, the fresh air sucked in by the fan in the side wall is evenly distributed in the entire barn - an effect that cannot be achieved by conventional ventilation systems. The draft-free fresh air supply is ensured by the particular distribution and size of the tubes' vent holes which are individually calculated based on the specific requirements of the barn. SMARTCOWTUBES increase the cows' wellbeing and performance in periods of heat stress.

Please find additional information about how to avoid heat stress in the pdf checklist below.

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