Individual ventilation systems for horse barns

Indoor housing is still the predominant way of keeping horses. Since most of the time the barns are mostly closed, the animals are exposed to a high concentration of noxious gases, respirable dusts and bioaerosols like bacteria, mould or viruses.

It is this germ exposure that makes chronic respiratory diseases the second most common disease for horses, topped only by lameness. According to estimates, it appears that the respiratory organs of not less than 80 % of all horses kept in horse barns show severe damages.

With the installation of our SMARTHORSETUBES, it is possible to reduce respiratory diseases by a great percentage. The positive effect on animal health has been proven in many test applications. Fresh air is continuously pumped into the barn, delivering clean and pure air to the horses and pushing noxious gases, respirable dusts and bioaerosols out of the barn.

It is your choice to provide only best air quality inside your horse barns. SMARTHORSETUBES is a very effective, precise and resource-efficient technology to help you improve your horses' health with fresh air supply.



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