Individual ventilation systems for pigsties

Bad air quality and heat stress are two major problems in pig breeding. While the latter mostly occurs in the hotter period of the year from May to September, bad air quality is a serious problem all of the year.

Heat stress causes the following problems:

  • „return to service“
  • reduced number of piglets
  • increased number of feeble piglets
  • Increased incidence of mastitis, metritis and lactation failures
  • Increased number of dead pigs

High-speed air streams can be used to effectively reduce heat stress in pigsties. SMARTPIGTUBES can be used to efficiently enlarge the fresh air exchange. The field of application for SMARTPIGTUBES ranges from the piglet and farrowing section to the waiting area with hardly any limitations.
The significant advantage over its competing ventilation systems is the continuous fresh air supply directly at the animal. The tubes can be mounted directly over the farrowing sow. Therefore the air streams can be directed to the sow and not to the piglets.  
SMARTPIGTUBES work at low power level and are mostly fail-safe. Furthermore, the installation of SMARTPIGTUBES is much easier and cheaper than with other ventilation systems for pigs. SMARTPIGTUBES can be adjusted and fitted to every single pigsty - irrespectively of age and condition.


Our product, the SMARTPIGTUBE, is a fan connected with a suitable air duct, the tube. The fan size is chosen according to the necessary air volume in the barn, and the tube is designed according to the respective dimensional requirements. Thanks to the tube, the fresh air sucked in by the fan in the side wall is evenly distributed in the entire barn - an effect that cannot be achieved by conventional ventilation systems. The draft-free fresh air supply is ensured by the particular distribution and size of the tubes' vent holes which are individually calculated based on the specific requirements of the barn. Dust, germ concentration and harmful gases are reduced in a fast and effective manner, resulting in a significant improvement of the animals' health.

During the hot summer months, heat stress can be effectively reduced in pigsties, leading to healthy and happy pigs and piglets.

For further information please have a look at the pdf-checklist below.

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