Individual ventilation systems for poultry barns

Housings for poultry farming in Europe offer a high technical standard. Nevertheless, heat stress is one of the most common reasons for performance reduction and animal losses. Problems with heat stress normally start when temperatures in the housings rise above 27 °C. There are numerous negative impacts on the animals, depending on the species and the animal weight.

Heat stress can cause a serious reduction in the eggs' weight due to a reduced daily feed intake. In addition to the reduced feed intake, smaller eggs and low-quality eggshells, the quantity of the laid eggs can be reduced seriously.

Heat stress can also harm turkeys and broilers at the end of the fattening period. The heat production of a turkey's or broiler's body increases with animal weight, whereas the ability for heat dissipation does certainly not. The consequences are a reduced daily feed intake, which further leads to a reduced weight gain, circulations problems with secondary illnesses and eventually animal death.

So what can we do to avoid heat stress in poultry farming? The installation of a supplementary ventilation system can improve the situation drastically. Our SMARTPOULTRYTUBES offer an efficient and effective solution. With our ventilation tubes, we have the possibilty to precisely define where and in what quantity fresh air is needed to cool and ventilate the animals. And because most of the time there is only one fan needed, investment AND running costs are reduced.

Our product, the SMARTPOULTRYTUBE, is a fan connected with a suitable air duct, the tube. The fan size and type is chosen according to the necessary air volume in the barn, and the tube is designed according to the respective dimensional requirements. Thanks to the tube, the fresh air sucked in by the fan in the side wall is evenly distributed in the entire barn - an effect that cannot be achieved by conventional ventilation systems. The draft-free fresh air supply is ensured by the particular distribution and size of the tubes' vent holes which are individually calculated based on the specific requirements of the barn. With the right air velocity, animals can be cooled in an effective way. Furthermore, dust, germ concentration and harmful gases are reduced in a fast and effective manner, resulting in a significant improvement of animal health.

The material used for our SMARTPOULTRYTUBES is a thin, fully compostable plastic foil which has to be changed after every fattening period for hygienical reasons. Therefore, SMARTPOULTRYTUBES will always come with at least 10 identical ventilation tubes.

During the hot summer months, heat stress can be effectively reduced in poultry housings, leading to healthy and happy chickens, turkeys and broilers.

For further information please have a look at the pdf-checklist below.

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