Fresh air in the beef cattle barn – for fitter and healthier feeders

HUESKER and VETSMARTTUBES bring fresh air into the feeder barn on family Thanner’s farm in Germany. Together with our loyal partner and for the first time we equipped a feeder barn with an already existing underfloor ventilation with our tube ventilation system. Thanks to the precise air supply, every animal now has the same amount of fresh air everywhere in the barn, resulting in a strong improvement of the housing conditions. Such a great effect could not have been obtained by the underfloor ventilation alone. Moreover, despite two additional supply air fans, we have a reduced total power consumption of the system, since the fans of the underfloor ventilation can be turned down or, in summer, even turned off completely.

An air duct solution above the subceiling offers the possibility to switch between an air intake from the outside of the building and an air intake from the attic. The attic air duct was delivered with a heater battery, so that the fresh air can be preheated at extreme temperatures in the winter.

Thanks to the combination of our tube ventilation system, the underfloor ventilation and the possibility to switch between cool outdoor air and preheated supply air, we now have perfect regulation possibilities. As a result, the animals have optimal living conditions. If you are interested in our ventilation system or an on-site visit, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Fresh air and healthy animals on Thanner farm in Germany thanks to our VETSMARTTUBES tube ventilation system.

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