Fresh air in the calf barn - one tube for the youngest and the oldest

A system for the big and the little ones. At one end, the youngest calves (< 100 kg) come in, at the other end, the oldest calves (approx. 750 kg) go out. The tube system is perfectly designed for all the animals in the barn. With an hourly air exchange rate of 3.2 and an air velocity of 0.3 m/s, the youngest receive exactly the amount of fresh air they react well to at their tender age. The oldest calves receive 10 air exchanges per hour and with 0.5 m/s a slightly higher velocity. In this area, the air jets aim only at the cubicles and the feeding places, whereas the group areas of the younger calves are ventilated homogeneously and comprehensively. All this with a single tube – that is something only we from VETSMARTTUBES can do with our 3D barn environment simulation.

Johannes Waldherr
Aigen 40
2860 Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt

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