Precise cooling in the multi-system milking parlour


At Haus Düsse Agricultural Centre in Germany, the cows are milked in different milking systems. On one side of the milking parlour is a fishbone system for 6 cows, on the other side a side-by-side system for 8 cows.

In February 2018, this multi-system milking parlour has been equipped with a VETSMARTTUBES ventilation system comprising 3 tubes:


Cooling Tube 1 - side-by-side parlour and holding area

Tube 1 cools the animals on the side-by-side side of the milking parlour in the front area, and the animals in the holding area in the back. This meant completely different requirements which had to be taken into consideration in the planning: Precise cooling of every milking place in the milking parlour vs. an evenly distributed cooling effect in the holding area.


Cooling Tube 2 - holding area

An additional cooling tube cools the second half of the holding area.


Cooling Tube 3 - fisbone parlour

The third tube cools the fishbone-side of the milking parlour.


Complex requirements called for a complex solution. An additional challenge was that different height levels of the tubes were necessary to meet the constructional requirements.

Due to the height differences of more than one metre, the tubes had to be precisely geared to the givens in order to cool every cow at the exact right spot with the exact right velocity. This would be impossible without our calculation method.

To adjust the ventilation and cooling intensity to the outside conditions, the tube system was equipped with highly efficient EC fans of the newest generation from Ziehl-Abegg including a respective control module.

We are curious about the first results in summer and a comparison to the previous “tubeless” summer.


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