VETSMARTTUBES ventilation systems in South Tyrol


Our VETSMARTTUBES tube ventilation systems have made their way to South Tyrol.

One of the systems on Seifart farm in Mals is quite extraordinary, because one tube meets various requirements. It runs above three different areas – cubicles, milking parlour, and calf area – and each of them has individual criteria. One single tube considers all of them, thanks to our very precise calculations and our 3D simulation technology. The cubicles and the milking parlour are cooled, and the calf area is ventilated without draught. The feeding places are ventilated with another tube.

Another system can be found on the farm of family Kaser in Lüsen. Here we have a tube above the group pens, which supplies fresh air to the the calves throughout the whole year.

Mathias Martin Seifart
Russlandstraße 9
39024 Mals
Martin Kaser
Huben 6
39040 Lüsen

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