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The System

The NeoBooster is designed for the ventilation of a barn area of 25 m². Physical air flow simulations, which are the foundation of the NeoBooster, allow precise ventilation of up to ten animals and ensure a high air exchange rate. Low-noise, energy-efficient fans ensure that fresh air is supplied to the animals.

The next-generation precision air conditioner

Thanks to two different hole configurations, the air exchange rates can easily be adapted to summer and winter conditions at the touch of a button. The constant rotation of the NeoBooster ensures an even air circulation. The fan power is regulated according to the ambient temperature.


Premium Options

Various premium modules make the NeoBooster customisable to your needs.
For example, if your NeoBooster is expanded by heating or cooling modules, your animals will always enjoy pleasant temperatures in addition to a continuous fresh air supply.
With an optional camera module, you can always keep an eye on your animals.



System Variants

NeoBooster for the calf MUHbil-Stall (MOObile barn) and equivalent barn areas

The NeoBooster ventilates a barn area of 25 m² and up to ten animals. The system is currently available as a standard version and can be expanded by premium modules in the future.


This variant of the NeoBooster has been developed to optimise the climate in calf igloos. Thanks to a height-adjustable mechanism, the IglooBooster can be installed in all igloo shapes available on the market.
The igloo booster can also be extended by premium modules. It is possible, for example, to make the IglooBooster self-sufficient by supplying power by means of a solar cell. For newborn animals, the system can be equipped with an infrared lamp that warms the animals.

Milking systems (milking carousel, herringbone milking parlour, milking robot)

The Neowolf development team is currently working on a NeoBooster which can also ventilate milking systems. The completion/launch is expected in 2019.

Group Areas

Our special NeoBooster model for fresh-air ventilation and cooling of group areas takes possibilities for optimizing cows’ lying comfort to new limits. Regardless if mounted above the deep-straw bed in the special needs are or in a compost barn – NeoBooster ensures best climatic conditions for winter and summertime.

Industrial buildings and gyms

It does not always have to be agriculture! The NeoBooster can also be applied in industrial buildings and gyms to guarantee a healthy indoor climate.

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